8 Surprising Benefits of Sleeping Together!

It is now evident that couples who sleep together enjoy a host of health benefits, according to a study. Andrea Peterson, the co-author of a research published in The Wall Street Journal, hypothesized that sleeping with a partner could be the main reason why some people in intimate relationships tend to be healthier and live longer than people who spend their nights alone. This new study challenges previous findings which suggested that women don’t enjoy a good night’s sleep in the company of their partners. Below are some of the benefits a couple enjoys when sleeping together.

  • Safety and Security
    Sleeping together with your partner makes you feel safer and secure. This in turn directly improves* the quality of your sleep. Studies indicate that couples tend to sleep longer when sharing the same bed unlike those who sleep alone or in separate rooms.
  • Enables Falling Asleep Faster
    You have probably realized that if you go bed alone, your brain wonders or becomes too much engaged with some sort of activity. You tend to think too much about the problems you faced during the day, which makes it hard to fall asleep faster. In reference to studies, sleeping with someone next to you helps your brain to unwind and tune out quickly, enabling you to fall asleep faster.
  • Promotes Release of Oxytocin
    Release of Oxytocin

    Oxytocin is a hormone associated with “happy feeling.” Cuddling with your partner in bed can also help in the production of this hormone that makes you happy. Falling asleep with happiness ensures that you are less likely to experience disruptions at night and you will remain in slumber land for long hours. It may even crown your sleep with better and sweet dreams than if you slept on your own. In addition, sleeping together ensures that you have a restful night, which is ideal when undertaking the next day’s activities.

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  • Promotes Warmth
    You may find it harder to fall asleep on your own on a cold night. This is because your bed can’t offer the warmth that your body requires in order to fall asleep. However, when couples share the same bed on a cold night, even brushing against each other’s naked skin can produce the warmth to set perfect temperatures to enable your body to fall asleep. Sleeping huddled together helps you feel warm enabling you sleep more deeply than when alone.
  • Lowers Stress and Anxiety
    In reference to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, co-sleeping actually helps to lessen the levels of cortisol, a hormone linked to anxiety and stress. Stress and anxiety can trigger many health problems which can directly impact the way you sleep and how your body functions take place even during the day.
  • Strengthens Relationship

    Although co-sleeping is challenging for some couples, studies have shown that it can help to strengthen the bond between partners. Some couples find sleeping together disruptive, but retreating to separate beds can be a major blow to your intimacy and sex life. This can also weaken your emotional connection because you won’t have many opportunities to engage sexually or have the pillow talk, both of which are essential for a strong relationship, according to Dr. Laura Berman, PhD, sex and relationship educator and therapist at Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago.

  • Facilitates Problem Detection
    Sleeping with your partner in the same bed can help you detect health problems that usually occur during sleep. In reference to a study by the University of Minnesota in the United States, understanding the problems of the person you share a bed with can help to prevent some deaths. This enables you to tell whether your partner suffers from sleep apnea or notice early symptoms associated with this deadly condition. This means sleeping with someone can help save his/her life as well as yours.
  • Helps to Better Solve Problems
    When you sleep together, you stand a better chance of analyzing relationship problems in a more tolerant and rational way, according to Spanish psychologist Douglas Quintero. He argues that it helps you think clearly about the challenges you are facing while physically close to each other in a cozy atmosphere, making it easier to handle them the right way and come up with appropriate treatment.

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Although sleeping together may have its own disadvantages, there is mounting evidence that its benefits outweigh the challenges. The challenges set in if your partner has sleep problems like sleep apnea, snoring, insomnia or restless leg syndrome among other conditions. These are some of sleep problems that can be addressed with the help of a physician and better lifestyle habits. Whatever works for you as a couple is good for your relationship. Don’t fret if you can’t share the same bed at night. Make a point of finding other intimate opportunities to cuddle, have sex or be intimate throughout your relationship.

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